The Strollers

The Strollers
Feb 18th Just a walk in the park Graves Park to Millhouses
On a cold and windy morning the Strollers set off on a walk which would take them through parks, woods and even a golf course, and past an historical building. We start at Graves park and the Rose Café, today is the first day of the half term school holiday. The area around the café and the animal farm was very busy. It was nice to see the children with their mums and dads enjoying themselves. Well on with our walk through the park and down to Cobnar Wood before crossing Chesterfield Rd and down to St Thomas’s Catholic Church. Past the church and into Chancet Wood this is a pleasant walk along good paths and in the spring gives some excellent views of the city towards the north. At the far end of the woods we cross Bocking Lane and enter Parkbank Wood. Again good paths as we walk uphill until we reach the peak behind the houses on Greenhill Ave. Eventually arriving at a flight of very steep steps (take care on the descent) at the bottom
The path goes past the old monks pond where they used to catch fish. Past the ponds we walked past Beauchief Abbey. Once past the abbey we take a short road walk down to Millhouses Park and a walk along the side of the river to the end of our walk.
Feb 25th Mossbrook Valley
Todays walk will take us through the Moss Valley where we will cross the Mossbrook on a number of occasions. Starting at the church of St Peter & St Paul’s. We make our way through woodland which is part of the Sheffield Country Walk. Walking uphill through the woods, before dropping down to the bottom of the valley crossing the brook before making our way uphill again. We make our way to Ford dams and then up to Plumbley and past Plumbley Hall. We head for Mossborough and turn to make our way past Eckington Hall and back down to Eckington church.
Future walks
March 4th Wisewood to Bradfield
March 12th Monk Bretton
March 18th Oxspring to Silkstone Common
March 25th High Green Wortley Circular

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