The Strollers

The Strollers Walking Group
Meet every Monday for walks between 5-7 miles.

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The Strollers Responsibility

We are an adult walking group, and as such everyone should have a sense of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

1      TITLE  

1-a   Name the group will be called “The Monday Strollers Walking Group”

2      AIMS  

2-a   To encourage enjoyable walking in the countryside by providing a range of graded walks, usually between 5 & 7 miles covering hill walks and lowland walks.

2-b   To encourage the use of public transport when walks are not local.

2-c   To support all members of the club in their enjoyment of walking, and the countryside.

2-d   To assist in the preservation of the country code.


3-1    Membership is open to paid up members of the Chapeltown Over 50s Group. If places are available.

3-2    New members must provide the walk coordinator with their contact details.

3-3    Due to the use of public transport Membership of the group is limited to 27

3-4   The group operates a waiting list system, all members are expected to walk at least once walk per month. Any member who has not walked for three months without good reason will lose their place and it will be offered to the next person on the list.    


4-1   Only the walk leader shall cancel or change a programmed walk : due to weather conditions.

4-2   Any member who has agreed to plan and lead a walk must do so, or arrange for another club member to do it.

4-3  Members taking part in any club activity do so entirely at their own risk. Neither the club nor its elected officers will accept any responsibility for any personal accident or loss of property.

4-4  Members are expected to abide by the country code (note Information can be found on The Natural England website) most of which is common sense.


5-1 Members should follow all reasonable instructions by the walk leader and/or club off

5-2  Whilst every effort is made to ensure your safety, by leaders pre-walking the route, members should remain vigilant and aware during the walk, of natural hazards, such as   tree roots, pot holes overhanging branches etc.

5-3 You should take care when crossing or walking on busy roads as you would do normally. On the few occasions when we have to walk on the road members should walk on the right side of the road in single file facing oncoming traffic.

5-4 As we walk all year round there may be occasions when we walk in freezing conditions and therefore extra care should be taken, for the presence of ice by your self and your companions.

5-5  On walks you should ensure that you are within site and in contact with the leader or back marker at all times, and if you have difficulties inform one of them immediate

5-6 If, despite all precautions, you do have an accident you should report it to the walk leader or the first aider.

6       Kit list

6-1    This is a suggestion of items you may wish to carry with you. Don’t forget the weather may alter contents.

6-2    Essential items:
 – Good walking boots to give support to your ankles, walking through muddy areas walking on uneven surfaces.

         – Two pairs of walking socks helps stop blisters

         – Water proof coat, Water proof trousers, weather can change suddenly in 3 hrs

         – Ruck sack/day sack 25/35 litres should be sufficient

         – Sack liner to keep contents dry.

         – Sack cover sacks get heavy when wet.

         – Mat to sit on.

         – Fleece can be cool when sitting with a wet sweaty back

         – Gloves in winter hat woolly in winter peaked in summer.

6-3    Further essentials;

         – Water (prevents dehydration) 2x ½ litre bottles

         – ½ litre of hot coffee/tea/soup

         – 1 litre lunch box for sandwiches / biscuits

 – Medication please make sure that you have enough medication with you, also a list of such medication. Please inform the walk leader of any medical condition which may affect your fitness to walk.

         CARRY an EMERGENCY phone number 


7-1    Gaiters / Walking Poles / First aid kit / Hand sanitizer /  Spare hand towel / Paracetomals

8       Additional items for the walk leader

8-1    Written walk plan

8-2    Map of the region

8-3    Compass

8-4    First aid kit

8-5    Whistle

8-6    Mobile phone