Latest Walk.

Mon 4th Mar.
Today we are walking from Wisewood to Bradfield.
From The Wadsley Jack (a slight pause to remember summer days gone by and happy hours spent on the Jack bowling green). From the Jack we make our way up to Wadsley Common, nothing like a nice steady uphill walk to start with. Halfway up and it’s time for a coffee break, (today’s walk leader likes her coffee). Then it’s onwards to the summit and turn to take in the views across the valley. We continue along the Hillsborough Golf course boundary, eventually emerging from a wooded area. Walking along the hillside taking in the excellent views once again. Eventually we come to our first stile, we look at it and see that it is not the same as someone has cut some of it away. Then we spot a team of workers digging at the side of the boundary wall and we being a nosey lot want to know what they are up to. They explained they were members of the Sheffield Strollers and that they had a list of 30 stiles in the area that they were going to replace or modify to make them easier to cross. The group digging at the side of the wall were digging down to a paved walk which was used as a burial trail from the church to the old burial grounds. Before we moved on we thanked them for the work they are doing, and a short history lesson. Several stiles later is was time to take our lunch break. Moving on along the side of the valley we could look down onto the reservoirs and the farms on the far side of the valley. As we continued we eventually got a whiff, what was it ha it was the brewery. Just passed the brewery we came to the Old Horns pub and the end of our walk.

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