Annual general Meeting.


1/ Our secretary would like to give her annual report would you all, please welcome Sheila.

2/ The committee has not received any proposals to make any changes to the club constitution. therefore the constitution will remain unchanged.
Your yearly subscriptions will remain the same i.e. £ 2.00

3/ As you have just heard, Ann Moxon is retiring from the committee as she has become a new nanny and as we all know nannies have duties to perform. Ann joined in September 2015 and took over the important job as “speaker secretary”. We would like to thank Ann for the work she has done and the hours she has worked on your behalf. Many thanks Ann for all the sterling work that you have done.

Presentation of flowers.

4/ I would like to thank all the committee for the work and the hours they have spent working on your behalf. If the committee members would like to join me and introduce themselves to the members.

In accordance with the constitution “ if members agree” the existing committee will remain in office.

I now invite our treasurer to give an explanatory report on the clubs accounts please welcome Carol Matthewman.

Thank you Carol for all the good work that you do and your efficiency in the way you carry out your duties.

I know that the secretary has outlined the duties our committee and helpers carry out, but I would like to personally thank them for their valuable help during the past year.

Arun Davda auditer, Neville Haywood, Audrey Bark, door duties Berice Hindle, Ellen Berry holidays
Monica days out Elaine Christine Jeff and Andrew for helping out on the days out desk when required Esmie theatre Elaine Lloyd notice board and Alan Smith for his I T work
Hazel Bollington Reg Peel and all the ladies and gents for their sterling work in the refreshment area.
To all the ladies and gents who turn up early to set out the hall and stay behind to ensure the hall is left
In good order.

Thank you to all the section leaders Doug Page, Ann Toomer, Kath Rollinson, Eileen Smith, Barbara Dixon, Pat Bramhall, Irene Cottam, Margaret Davies, and Ann Moxon.

I would like to say that your club is run in a very efficient way and all the people who I have just mentioned work hard and give their time on your behalf.

That concludes our a. g. m. for 2018. Thank you all for your attendance and we hope to see you all in November.

When the hall is cleared will the committee convene in the dining area.

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